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How it Works

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How it Works

Residents of Freedom Place typically enter the community based on one or more of the following criteria:


  • They are currently experiencing or are coming out of chronic homelessness, either from the streets or referred from the city shelter system

  • They are in early and sustained recovery from substance abuse

  • They are returning to the community from recent incarceration from jail or the prison system

  • They are at or under the Department of Housing and Urban Development's extremely low income definition (30% of median area income)

No insurance is needed to enter or pay for living in the community:

  • Residents benefit from our network of strong partnerships with community providers and support services

  • We are an active partner with the city’s Long Term Stayers initiative and others to solve the issue of homelessness for women in the community most in need of our specific supportive housing

  • Residents will receive guidance in navigating payment through one of or a combination of:

    • Federal Housing Subsidy

    • Housing Vouchers

    • General Assistance

Applications are available for entry into the community. 

Our team is available to assist with the process.

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