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Yoga at Home

How We Help

We help by providing a safe and welcoming community within a community. We have an array of wrap-around services designed to empower our residents to take back control in order to lead productive, rewarding lives.


Peer Community Navigation

The backbone of our services is our peer support model. “Lead resident” peers have personal experience with mental illness, substance abuse disorder, homelessness, and the road to recovery. They help promote accountability and order in our community, serve as mentors, lead community meetings and activities, and help fellow residents navigate support services.


Peers are living, breathing examples of the possibility of recovery, communicating in a common language about shared experiences. They enter the relationship as equals and use these bonds to challenge, prod, cajole, and cheer on those who may otherwise appear to be hopelessly stuck in the misery of their current reality.

We have a long history of hiring from our residents. Many have received job training to be recovery coaches.


Support and Recovery Groups

In our community, we have a rock solid belief in the opportunity for recovery and we put that belief into action every day. We offer a wide range of groups, activities and supports directed toward all pathways to recovery.


Our activities evolve based on the individual needs and requests of residents. Whether it's helping with group sessions, establishing coping mechanisms, providing vocational support, or the facilitating professional medical substance abuse counseling, our team is designed to help.


Substance Abuse Counseling

In addition to groups, we open the doors for health and substance problems to be evaluated and medical treatment plans to be put into action.


Our strong connection to nearby primary care, psychiatric and substance abuse disorder treatment providers has been cultivated for decades.


Support for Medication Assisted Treatment

We fully embrace Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). We offer support for residents who want to connect to MAT providers as well as female peers who are already engaging in treatment.


Common Spaces

Each of our three floors contains common kitchens and gathering areas where our residents may cook their food as a way to build community, form common bonds, and regain independence. 


Vocational Training

The road to recovery and a permanent home also relies on one's ability to be gainfully employed. Our peer mentors and recovery coaches may help community members navigate access and transportation to job training.

Our commercial kitchen is used for vocational training for the much understaffed food service industry. Our organization also has a long track record of training and hiring individuals from within our community to become recovery coaches.



Through peer support and common goals, people make meaningful friendships at Freedom House. We foster a true, welcoming community feel that is critical to our residents’ success.

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